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Maps and Charts
eople think of the Charlottes as being straight north from Vancouver when they're actually almost exactly northwest - Haida Gwaii is as far west of Vancouver as Calgary is east of Vancouver - about 350 nautical miles. Our one-way route, Vancouver to SGang Gwaay (Anthony Island) via Larsen Harbour and Queen Charlotte City, is about 710 nm.

The chart graphics now have our actual route on them, green for outbound and red for coming home, with clickable links to large scale charts of anchorages and places we stopped - click on a date on a chart graphic to bring up the large scale screen shot.

Vancouver to Haida Gwaii / the Queen Charlottes - full size version Vancouver to Haida Gwaii / the Queen Charlottes - small version
Vancouver to Desolation Sound Desolation Sound to the Broughton Archipelago
Broughton Archipelago to Smith Inlet Smith Inlet to Bella Bella
Bella Bella to Princess Royal Channel Princess Royal Channel to Grenville Channel
Grenville Channel to Prince Rupert to Browning Entrance Grenville Channel to Skidegate Inlet
Skidegate Inlet to Juan Perez Sound Juan Perez Sound to Cape St. James
These are links to most of the places we stopped. Later on in the trip, after the electronic charting needed checking, we put a circle with a .25nm radius around the boat so we could correlate with the radar.
6/21/2005 Secret Cove chart text7/26/2005 Marco Island chart text
6/22/2005 Squirrel Cove chart text7/27/2005 De La Beche Cove chart text
6/23/2005 Shoal Bay chart text7/28/2005 Anna Inlet chart text
6/24/2005 Growler Cove chart text7/29/2005 Tanu chart text
6/24/2005 Sointula chart text7/29/2005 Sandspit Marina chart text
6/25/2005 Port McNeill chart text7/30/2005 Queen Charlotte City dock chart text
6/26/2005 Port Hardy chart text8/5/2005 Larsen Harbour chart text
6/26/2005 Walker Group Anchorage chart text8/6/2005 Moolock Cove chart text
6/28/2005 Fury Cove chart text8/7/2005 McMicking Inlet chart text
6/29/2005 Shearwater chart text8/8/2005 Quigley Creek chart text
6/30/2005 Bottleneck Inlet chart text8/9/2005 Bay of Plenty chart text
7/1/2005 Bishop Bay chart text8/10/2005 Klemtu chart text
7/2/2005 Lowe Inlet chart text8/10/2005 Rescue Bay chart text
7/3/2005 Kumealon Inlet chart text8/11/2005 Berry Inlet chart text
7/6/2005 Tuck Inlet chart text8/12/2005 Shearwater chart text
7/7/2005 Prince Rupert Yacht Club chart text8/13/2005 McNaughton Group chart text
7/10/2005 Spicer Island Anchorage chart text8/14/2005 Hurricane Island Anchorage chart text
7/11/2005 Bearskin Bay chart text8/16/2005 Pruth Bay chart text
7/13/2005 Sandspit Marina chart text8/17/2005 Johnston Bay chart text
7/15/2005 Skedans chart text8/18/2005 Duncanby Landing chart text
7/15/2005 Thurston Harbour chart text8/21/2005 Blunden Harbour chart text
7/16/2005 Windy Bay chart text8/22/2005 Waddington Bay chart text
7/16/2005 Ramsay Island Cove chart text8/23/2005 Echo Bay chart text
7/17/2005 Rose Harbour chart text8/23/2005 Cutter Cove chart text
7/18/2005 Sgang Gwaay, Gray's Cove chart text8/24/2005 Port Neville chart text
7/19/2005 Ikeda Cove chart text8/24/2005 Cameleon Harbour chart text
7/20/2005 Bag Harbour chart text8/25/2005 Octopus Islands chart text
7/22/2005 Hutton Island Cove chart text8/26/2005 Prideaux Haven chart text
7/23/2005 Hoya Passage water float chart text8/28/2005 Garden Bay chart text
7/24/2005 Ramsay Island Cove chart text8/29/2005 Spruce Harbour chart text
7/25/2005 Matheson Inlet chart text